Monday, 2 March 2009

please kill me

'whats my age again 2' was fun. we were billed to dj with conan but truth be told me and kev stood back on this and let john and conan handle most of the hits, we occasionaly appeared to demand 'more bangers'...they did an excellent job. when i left i saw someone pulling the chandeliers down and the place kind of smelt like a mixture of sick and burning.


earlier in the week we played under a restaurant..


were going to america for a bit in a few days, we have one more mb show before we take pack. its on sat at corsica studios and is a sexbeat and this is music party... the headline band are 'secret' but everyone knows who it is, clue - they are a popular beat combo from overseas. then theres us, mob rules, the sceptres and lots of dj's.

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