Tuesday, 29 September 2009

brighton field tripping

London to Brighton. The Human RACE & Male Bonding to Lovvers.
Total Doig/Total Film.
Steve Lovvers with Kevin Male Bonding.
Kneel down log piss. Brighton tradition.
"DIY or DIE"
You've no idea how pissed off the late night Brighton commuters were with our bottle music.
John & Luke made a very special pact. This is big. Highly secret, if this thing comes off it is going to end everything.

Rage against New Labour. How good? Look at those tags: "Blair" "Brown" "Angry" "Jobless" "Dance" "Fight" "Destroy" "Bankers".
DIY or Lady Di etc.


Beezer B said...

The EPMD Mondeo picture is alltimelegendary.

Kasms said...

total film mag looks like FHM..are they morphing?