Wednesday, 30 June 2010

NY glue

don't judge our footprint
we flew to nyc
not to shoot porn

to play one show
in a baseball diamond
in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
The Northside Festival
by the river
with a side view on to manhattan
at the end of a street called Franklin
we have a song called Franklin
coz of that street
we played with
Titus Andronicus
High Places
Fucked Up
the heat was like glue
that last one is not a band
just how it was

never knew mark was so buff

robin just loves new york

we stayed in a very classy hotel
The Jane Hotel
it wasn't someone's floor
felt like we slept with the ghosts of beats and dusty bohos

people keep asking what the second album is going to sound like
maybe the answer is in this picture
where kevin is attempting to grow dreads for the first time

went to Justin Babies birthday party

this guy
not the hippy
the other guy
on the right
he is a beautiful guy
and a very talented film maker
who is rapidly becoming the go-to super 8 guy in new york city
he shot lou reed in a library
lou reed is a turd
ask anyone

thank you northside
thank you new york
thank you lou reed for the music

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