Monday, 5 July 2010



2005 - 2010

It was the last show ever at Bardens. We are assured that full historical, reminisical, archival and downright valuable blog all about Bardens will be up on the upset the rhythm blog soon. Umit, Doig, Dan Bolger, Upsets and other selfless creator-warriors all made this beautiful-disgusting furniture store basement in Dalston really HAPPEN five years ago. Found specifically to host a Lightning Bolt show, there was no bar, barely a P.A. Umit took a massive risk on noise rock - and it paid us all brilliantly. We have nothing but fond memories for Bardens, we played many shows there, we went to much more. The best venue in London has had to go. The best venue in London at the end of our street. It meant a lot to us.
And to a lot of others it seems, the closing party went crazy. People turned up in their hundreds. Literally. Too many people. The venue full, the street, erm, full. It held out till midnight, then the fuzz, they shut it down. It was gonna be Spin, Spin the Dogs and then us. Bummed. Still, what a way to go. Sent off. Street party, till forever. Thank you Barden and it's extended dysfunctioning family, we love you.

meanwhile inside...Bolger

and PLEASE killing it

Bye Bye Bardens Future Store


Brattwell said...

stop it, i'm welling up! definitely had some of the best nights out i've ever had in that place. Can't we just ask Umit to stick the PA in the basement of the Marquis? He let me record spin spin the dogs down there 5 years ago when i hardly knew him, sure he'd be up for it, blahhdy good bloke!

TROGONS said...

this will happen rory

Anonymous said...