Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Inter View

Been thinking a lot about the point of and the value of the 'Band Interview'. The nonsense vs interesting engagement. Thoughtless vs the thought provoking. Often it's just a dull ache for interviewer and interviewee. Really it is. Like who is boring who? And there often seems to be this (hangover from another era - maybe when the printed press ruled the waves?) accepted notion, this given, that you are expected to do every interview presented to your band. And "thingy from the Worplesdon Trumpet wants an interview at 6pm at soundcheck, it has to be "F2F" (that's 'face to face' media fans) and he needs a plus one for the show".

It's boring.
It's weird.
Not always.
But mostly.

So we don't do it all the time. Often we don't give them. It's not arrogance. It's protecting the public.

Also our interviews tend to go much like this:

or if you're really lucky, like this:

2 comments: said...

fuck really hoped to get sn interview with you... haha now i might be too scared to even ask...

J said...

The above videos are promising! I'll definitely be asking for an interview at the next show I attend.