Monday, 21 February 2011

Before Woodstock

We go to Woodstock in two weeks to record our second album. In a church. A trip. Kevin might never come back. Man.

But before that we played a small show in the area formerly known as Dalston. It was great. Tried out a bunch of new songs. Played a bunch of 'old' ones. I don't believe we ever played for over forty five minutes before. Apparently we're supposed to now. Well it was a breeze. Bring it. Bring us the head of Grateful Dead.
Jack and Conan of Mazes and Italian Beach Babes and Suffering Jukebox respectively, set up this little jam. They did good. Plug and Warm Brains played too. Killer start to finish. Wes Let's Wrestle got thrown out twice. Sign of a good show that.

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