Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Labour Party

26/9 Cardiff in which we run out of Diesel 150 yards from the venue after the show. After everything. All of Cardiff has gone home. Gear out on the street. The worse thing that could happen would be a sudden out of the blue midnight torrential downpour. Happens. We are rats. We drown. AA. Automobile Association. Angel Association. What a guy. Tells Willis "Give her what we all need, a drink". A great show Cardiff. Clwb Ifor Bach. Apple Pie play better each night and get worse at collecting their fee. On a full tank we sleep.

27/9 In Worcester we find ourselves momentarily contemplating the differences between UK and US touring. Nothing deep or clever. We just dropped by Willis' house and behind schedule but everyone, without hesitation, agrees to the offer of a 'quick brew'. We wallow in the garden for a bit. Time in the UK is relative.

Liverpool is unlike any other City in the world. Is it always a street party here? Everyday is like monday. It's a funny contrast: The Labour Party has descended on it for a massive annual conference. So it's a sea of badly fitted suits and boozing politicians and "Keep Calm & Party On" tshirts and mini-dresses and high heels. Everywhere. It's insane and it's monday. The show was great and somehow matched up to all of this.

Birmingham what have you got?

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