Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bread & Cheese & Bread & Cheese & Bread & Cheese

8/10 Berlin. Festaal. With Moon Duo. Another odd pairing. Lovely people and music. We dig a bit deeper in Berlin on this visit. End up playing pool with a old drunk real Berliner blues fanatic at 6.30am. Last call. With old friends. Elizabeth Skadden. Dino. Fleamarket heaven. They even have Pide here. Not as good though. Berlin is quiet with heaving clubs hidden up car park stairs or down narrow alleys. Digging for treasure.


Leipzig. Love this place. Quiet show with Mood Duo. Tobi, the promoter, has booked all our previous bands and is a legend. We love him. Like it East.

10/10 Munich. "I don't mean to piss on your cornflakes" "Beady Eye is breaking our neck" - random quotes from the frontline. Last night with Moon Duo. Bizarrely Beady Eye have booked their after show party in to the same venue, after us. DJ Paul Gallagher, We try. We try so hard to hold out for the main main. We get the hell out. Every town we walk. Pre/post soundcheck. History walking. We walk at the roots of architecture. We always look up. Eyes widened. Bread and cheese dodgers. Munich is money.

11/10 Strasbourg. Last minute show. And brilliant. what a beautiful town. Splendid brie. Smashing. Eat Lebanese and lose a coat. To Switzerland.

12/10 Yverdon des Bains. Mid-october sunshine. It really is summer in Switzerland this autumn. Tunnel through mountains. Climb up hills. Levitate over valleys. Immense. Gig pales in to the scenery.

13/10 Bern. What a place. Green river. We walk that. Bern bridges. 800 year old town. Walk that. Best cheese and bread spread yet. Triffic.

it's no Birmingham Bullring.

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