Friday, 5 June 2009

tell it like it is kool thing

We are currently working on our debut album which will be out early next year, and available worldwide - if all goes to plan.

Before the album there will be a single, and around the album we will tour emerica and more than likely uk.

Paradise vendors inc will be releasing a tape cassette by CHEATAHS in june / july and then a 7” by one of our long standing favourite bands before the end of the summer – if all goes to plan.

Male bonding will also feature on various split’s on various labels, including a 4 way tribute split 7” for an amazing band who we are so excited to be apart of - clue = krist novoselic joined this band in 06 for a period.

Kevin charles Hendrix will continue his search for ET related goods.

Robin silas Christian will continue working through the FRIENDS boxset he recently purchased.

John Arthur webb will continue…

Full details to follow once everything has been written in blood.


austin - king tears

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