Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Yusss, so the album stream is now offline. Thanks for listening. Thanks for feeding back.
So the R.E.A.L. deal is out MAY 10th (UK & Europe) / MAY 11th (USA +)

a special, very cool, pre-order-only reward is being cooked right now. More on that soon, till then, we still have some US shows left:

and then some UK / Europe action:

Yes. and here's a big mess of the last few weeks, stick and poke:

now open!

College shows are funny. We played this school of magic and look....

...it's Ron.
No biggie, just Ron Weasley, chilling.

sometimes the poster art dwarfs the show:

crop hard.


we eat well on the road



we caught Billie Wet Dog tagging the stank

The Smith Westerns

Saves the Day

Katie DDG

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Italian Beach Babes said...

poor Ron didnt know what hit him!