Monday, 26 April 2010


Where to start?
If you haven't seen 'The Room' by Tommy Wiseau do not read on until you have. Seriously seek it out and blow your mind. Ultimate bond. Watch with a crew. We did. Nothing will be the same again. We had a night in with our friends-for-life and watched it. We also watched a million episodes 'Are you afraid of the dark?' but that's a whole other story. Anyway we accidentally found out 'The Room' was screening on the Sunset Strip. You can only follow fate, so we did. Thought it'd be us and a few nerds, weirdos...maybe. No. The queue ran for miles. We did not expect this. It was screening on all five screens. Atmosphere was crazy. What we really did not expect was the man, the legend himself, Tommy Wiseau, to be there. We lost our shit. Seriously. Beatlemania style.
He worked his way through the line. Meeting his people. It was a big night for us. He shook Kevin's hand. He signed Robin's ticket.
We can go home now.
Wish fulfillment.
Kate, Stephanie, Brian and Mark this is for you:

you feel the excitement?


"But now you can't see me"

who's signing who?

Dunes + Tommy

Oh bye Tommy

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